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Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft can go way beyond credit cards and on-line shopping. Unlike the majority of identity theft plans available, Identity Theft Shield SM will not simply send you a few forms or walk you through the steps of identity restoration. They're going to do most of the work for you!

Would you to know more?
You should know:
  • Each year it happens to countless victims who innocently give their credit cards to servers in restaurants.
  • Even if you are cautious when making an ATM transaction, identity thieves can be watching you type in your PIN or rig a bank machine to copy your bank card.
  • Shredding may not be enough to keep dumpster divers from finding copies of your checks, credit card statements and other personal paperwork that leads to identity theft.
  • It’s not just online purchases that are vulnerable to identity theft. In fact, online transactions are a small majority of identity fraud cases.

You should know that identity theft happens every day to people from all walks of life. What can you do to combat this crime? The Identity Theft Shield(SM) provides a suite of service designed with detection and restoration in mind.

Five types of ID theft
Medical Identity Theft, occurs when criminals obtain information such as a health insurance id number and use it to get health care.
Criminal Identity Theft, occurs when an imposter gives another person's name and personal information such as a drivers' license to a law officer during an investigation / arrest.
Financial Identity Theft, Someone uses your information to obtain loans, goods, or services and does not pay the bills.
Social Security Number Iidentity theft. Someone steals your SSN and obtains employment in your name.
Driver's license identity theft. Someone commits traffic related offenses in your name. When the identity thief fails to appear in court, warrants are issued in your name.
My Membership was able to recover all of our money from the builder ($28,725) and saved me from having to file another claim and pay over $58,000 in mediation and attorney fee's if this case would have went any further.

Because of your service and dedication to my case my family and I will now be able to purchase the home of our choice. Words could not thank you enough.

Yours truly,
N. Perkins Maryland
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